Pallet packer FP/10-ULTRA is intended for wrapping of various palletized products with a stretch film. Grouping of packages with goods on the pallet allows achieving optimization of areas occupied by the product, avoid product falling and damage during transportation, speed up handling operations. Optionally, it is possible to install the upper clamp intended to wrap an unstable or light products with a stretch film.
The clamp allows to avoid the scattering of unstable cargo on pallet before it is wrapped with amount of film layers sufficient for steadiness of the whole volume of goods.
Products to be packed:
Different palletized goods.
o    Quick change of film roll.
o    Mechanical adjustment of film stretching
o    All parts have corrosion-resistant coating
o    Maximum simplicity and accessibility in maintenance
o    Quick adjustment to the required height of products (stacks)
o    Machine system ensures highest operation safety
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 20 packs/hour
Power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3-Ph
Power consumption, kW 0,8
Air pressure, MPa 0,7
Air consumption, l/min 11,5
Machine length, mm 2715
Machine width, mm 1560
Machine height, mm 2600
Machine weight, kg 480
STANDARD ACCESSORIES o Clamp; o Inverter for smooth start; o Control panel with microcontroller; o Programming timer of winding height; o 2 operation modes: automatic / manual; o Photo sensor for determining the pallet height; o Mechanical adjustment of the film tension; o Folding mast for quick assembly and installation; o Turning table stops in its initial position; o Programming timer of the number of turns: top/bottom; o Safety device for stopping the parachute-type carriage; o Lifting – lowering of the carriage with film by means of the belt drive; o Special grooves for lifting and moving around the enterprise with a conventional loader;
OPTIONAL o Automatic film cutting o E-shaped cutout of the turning table (the maximum pallet weight is 1200 kg) o Additional carriage for tension adjustment and pre-stretching function (up to 200%)  

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