Stretch Wrapping Machine




  • Easy and simple operation and maintenance
  • Fixed point of platform stop
  • Fixed speed of slide movement synchronized with the speed of platform rotation
  • Pallet detector
  • Automatic adjustment for the required height of the products (stack): photosensor
  • Mechanical adjustment of film stretch (150% / 250% / 300% optionally) is performed by changing of gears
  • Sensor control panel
  • Device for counting the number of rotations on the top and bottom
  • Counters of rotations on top and at the bottom
  • Quick change of film reel
  • Machine system ensures highest possible operation safety
  • Frequency regulation (smooth start, smooth stop)
  • User-friendly main panel
  • Electromechanical system of manual control
  • Equipment is certified

Pallet machine FP/10-ULTRA is designed for wrapping different palletized goods with stretch film.  Grouping of packages with goods allows achieving optimization of space occupied by the product, avoiding product falling and damage while transportation, speeding up handling operations. Placing of upper clamp is an option. Clamp is designed for wrapping with stretch film unstable or light products. It allows avoiding scattering of unstable cargo on pallet before it is wrapped with amount of film layers sufficient for steadiness of the whole volume of goods.

Products to be packed:
Different palletized goods
Power supply 380 V, 3-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 0,8
Air pressure, MPa 0,7
Air consumption, l/min 11,5
Machine length, mm 2715
Machine width, mm 1560
Machine height, mm 2600
Machine weight, kg 480
  • Upper clamp CP130
  • Inclined ramp CP20 for possible use of a hydraulic lifter Rocla 
  • Side pallet fixation of 1200 mm

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