Filling and packaging complex




  • Packaging different products (both liquid and loose)
  • Packaging bags of different weight (0,1 to 5 kg)
  • Smart product placing with bag rotation option (90/180º)
  • Operating with different box sizes (see table) with simple reajustment
  • No vacuum manipulator provides cost efficiency
  • Compact dimensions and variety in layout

Filling and packaging complex is designed for secondary packaging of different products in cardboard boxes (american case) with tape sealing. The complex includes box forming machines, product placers and tape sealing machines, as well as a system of conveyors. All the processes within the complex are carried out in a fully automatic mode.

Products to be packed:

Both liquid and loose products in diffrent types of primary packages (pillow bags, BB bags, briqettes, etc.)

Performance, max, bpm 125
Power supply 380 V, 3-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 8
Machine length, mm 7750 (including conveyors)
Machine width, mm 7200
Machine height, mm 1800
Machine weight, kg 2500
  • Blank storage
  • Case opening unit
  • Bottom fixer
  • Automatic product placer
  • Upper fixer
  • Conveyor system

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