• Possible operation with several products
  • Unit to open doypacks with ZIP-lock
  • “No pack – no product” function

The machine is designed for dosing and filling of liquid, viscous and flowing products in ready doypacks with volume from 200 up to 1000 ml, packs are fed from blank magazine. Equipment meets regulations of European Community and is marked with «СЄ» conformity mark.

This is a linear one-flow automatic machine. Dosing could be performed by means of volumetric piston liquid filler, volumetric filler and weigher, doser type is chosen according to the product and required capacity.

Machine performs following functions in automatic mode:

  • package delivery from the blank magazine to the product filling area;
  • date printing by thermal contact on the horizontal seam of the pack;
  • possible operation with packages with ziplock;
  • pack blowing with cleaned compressed air or inert gas feed;
  • product dosing;
  • pack sealing;
  • delivery of the ready product to the outlet conveyor.

Machine control system on the base of controller (PLC) ensures following operation modes:

  • adjustment mode
  • mode of manual control of each unit separately.

Control system automatically tracks:

  • product presence in dosing section,
  • packs presence on dosing positions,
  • electrical network compliance with required parameters (incl. break, sticking and sequence of phases) - in case of electrical network emergency machine automatically switches off.
Products to be packed:

Mayonnaise, sour cream, condensed milk, cream, ketchup, mustard, baby food, fruit puree, sugar, nuts, seeds, coffee, liquid detergents, bath salt, etc.

Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 25 dose/min
Dose volume, min, l 0,2
Dose volume, max, l 1
Power consumption, kW 5,3
Air pressure, MPa 0,5-0,6
Machine length, mm 4250
Machine width, mm 1500
Machine height, mm 2550
Machine weight, kg 1100
  • Unit of pack opening and cleaned compressed air or inert gas feeding  
  • Hopper with capacity of 30l with cover and product level sensor
  • Pack sealing unit with date printing by thermal contact
  • Electromechanical drive with frequency control
  • Conveyor with carriages for pack movement
  • Dosing system with set of filler valves
  • Unit of ready product discharge
  • Pack magazine
  • Stainless frame
  • Unit to open doypacks with ZIP-lock
  • Cap sealing unit

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