Cottage cheese - one of the oldest dairy products. This dairy product contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals needed to efficient work of our body. Cottage cheese is an indispensable element child nutrition, as it contains a huge amount of calcium. Nutritionists recommend the use of this product to all those who strive to maintain a perfect figure.

Cottage cheese packaging equipment

TAURAS-FENIX Company sells cottage cheese packaging machines that meets all modern requirements. They allow packaging of  this fermented milk product::

  • At three-seam bags.
  • In a plastic cup.
  • In a plastic bucket.

Packing of curd mass

Curd mass – favorite dish of many sweet tooth. Today various range of types of this product exists: with the addition of dried fruit, chocolate, vanilla, and fresh fruit. This product is perishable, so it is important to the entire production process, as well as packing curd mass to meet all the technological requirements and sanitary norms. Tauras-Fenix ​​manufactures and distributes advanced equipment for packing curd mass in two ways:

  • Flow pack bags.
  • Plastic containers.