• Stainless Steel AISI 304 as standard equipment
  • Compact design with integrated electrical cabinet
  • Double performances in less space of two machines, up to 180 bpm
  • High accessibility of mechanical parts
  • Total independence of machines cycles
  • 3 axis servo on each side (film pulling belts, jaws and SQB) with two PLC

TWIN is the answer for customers who need a powerful machine to be used in confined spaces. In fact, the machine is composed of the union of two vertical machines MAYA totally brushless motorized. This feature gives the possibility to TWIN to pack almost twice the speed of ECOSPEEDY. TWIN encloses in a vertical machines two separate management and it is able to ensure the best performances. As well as the other machines of the range, TWIN offers predefined characteristics as regards the packaging speed in various configurations, the maximum size of the bag achievable and type of accessories applicable.

Products to be packed:
Loose and small piece products: grains, pasta, dried fruits, snacks, tea, coffee beens, candies, sugar, salt, etc. Dusty products: dry milk, flour, starch, cocoa powder, etc. Frozen products: seafood, berries and vegetables, ready-to-cook foods, etc. Non-food products: dry household chemicals, bath salt, seeds, soil, fertilizers, animal feeds, etc.
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 90
Performance, max, bpm 180 (90х2)
Product tubes, pcs 2
Product tube diameter, mm 50-190
Bag width, mm 80
Bag width, max, mm 300
Bag length (single pulling), mm 300 (400 upon request)
Film type Thermo-sealing materials (polyethylene, laminates, polypropylene, barrier films)
Film reel width, mm 180
Film reel width, max, mm 800
Film reel diameter, mm 450
Film pulling drive unit Servo
Longitudinal seal drive unit Pneumatic
Transversal seal drive unit Asynchronous / Servo
Pillow bag Base
Flat bottom bag Optional
Sealed edges bag Optional
Briquette bag -
Pyromide bag -
Clip bag Optional
Power consumption, kW 14
Air consumption, l/min 90
Machine length, mm 2000
Machine width, mm 1900
Machine height, mm 1700
Machine weight, kg 600
Structure material Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Gas injection for bags in modified atmosphere
  • Hot leaf printing unit
  • Vacuum chamber device
  • Device for four sealed edges
  • Device to set the film automatically in the center
  • Flat bottom forming brushless device
  • Many others on demand

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